Instant Pot Ip-duo60 Review

Instant Pot Ip-duo60 Review
Instant Pot Ip-duo60 Review

The New Generation Pressure Cooker

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    The instant pot ip-duo60 is the latest generation from Instant Pot’s line of electric pressure cookers. It is a programmable 7-in-1 pressure cooker equipped with cooking features and settings that are both innovative and useful. With all of the new features, the product aims to provide safety, convenience, and dependability for all home cooks out there. This review will tackle the latest innovations made on the previews Instant Pot pressure cooker models and what other customers with firsthand experience say about the product.

    The product can be used as a steamer, rice cooker/porridge maker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, warmer, and yogurt maker, and for sautéing/browning. All of these dependable functionalities makes home cooking a breeze and a whole lot faster than ever.

    Product safety has been improved through ten mechanisms that made it UL and ULC certified. These certifications are provided by a Canadian based safety organization that aims to ensure different aspects of safety among home appliances.

    Controlled programs are available for use and are achieved through programmed micro processors. This ensures that all features from soup making to yogurt making will all be right on the dot with no less heat or excessive pressure applied to each recipe. Dual pressure setting is also available for increased or controlled cooking experience. If you are the type who wants cooking to speed up to 70% less time, the high pressure setting is for you.

    Should you want to have a more controlled cooking environment in order not to waste delicate ingredients, the low pressure cooking is just right. It also includes 3 adjustable modes for most functions such as the sauté and slow cooking functions. Multiple timer options for various cooking requirements are also available to choose from. All of these provide more control over the cooking process for cooks that require more cooking efficiency.

    The revolutionary yogurt maker function brings milk pasteurization and fermentation on a whole lot easier level. An review is available online that focuses on yogurt making through the product. Surely this function will land on your must try list.

    Durability has been one of the important factors in mind of the product makers. The pot itself is made from high grade stainless steel. The exterior is also stainless steel and is brushed with finger print resistant material to provide comfort and aesthetic value. On the interior, it has a stainless steel steam rack fitted with handles that provide less effort on bringing the ingredients in and out of the pot without sacrificing usable space.

    Customer feedbacks show that these firsthand users love the new feature additions like the low pressure setting and browning or simmering settings. They also note that the improved steam release handle now has a way to tell if the cooker is set for pressure cooking or for pressure release. Most of all, customers are thrilled on the new yogurt making feature.

    The product also comes with a free electric pressure cooker recipe booklet. Great recipes with actual pressure cooker time settings are all available to test out the inner cooks in you. The Instant Pot Ip-duo60 electric pressure cooker is highly recommended for every household longing for a safe, efficient, and dependable home cooking tool.

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