How to Make Your Own Digital Photo Frame

How to Make Your Own Digital Photo Frame
How to Make Your Own Digital Photo Frame
DIY Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are amazing devices. They can display your most cherished moments in a vivid and lively manner or even help you advertise your business. Unfortunately, while digital photo frames are amazing and useful items to have, they can also end up leaving a dent in your wallet – especially if you are a college student or one that is just starting to dip into the real world. Rather than spend the funds now, you can make an alternative choice and make your own digital photo frame at home and luckily – it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The project is actually very doable and enjoyable even. Below are instructions on how to make your own digital photo frames .


There are essentially two different approaches that you can take to building your own digit photo frame. The first approach includes making the digital photo frame entirely from scratch. Building your own photo frame from scratch requires some serious knowledge of hardware, microchips, screens, power supplies, and more. To learn more about making a digital from scratch, visit this website. Realizing that most lack this kind of knowledge and time involved in creating a frame from scratch, this tutorial will focus on making a simplified version of a digital picture frame. The simplified version of a digital photo frame is much more time efficient, the required knowledge is less specialized and intricate, and the materials are even easier to secure.

The Materials that You Need

The great thing about this option is that you don’t need many materials to do it, and chances are that you may even have the materials lying around your house. Below are the few things that you need to get this project going so that you can display some great memories for less.

An Old Laptop:

The first thing that you need is a laptop that you don’t use. It can be any kind, but it is preferable that you choose one that has a high-quality screen that is also large enough for your display preferences.

The second item you need is a frame that corresponds with the screen size of the laptop and that reflects your stylistic preferences.

Tools: Screwdriver

Adornments: If you want to decorate the frame, you can add items to the frame to do just that.

Once you’ve got all of your materials together, you can begin the first step, which is to gut the laptop.

Gutting the Laptop

The first step in this adventure is the gut the laptop. Gutting the laptop means essentially cleaning all of the hardware out from the inside of the laptop. To do this, all you need to do is remove the shell of the laptop from the laptop’s hardware. For example, you’ll need to take the screen cover off that shows the laptop logo, the plastic bottom piece of the laptop, and any other encasing components of the hardware. Removing the encasing components from the hardware will enable you to build your digital photo frame because you’ll have the hardware that you need to configure the software and play your digital photos.

Keep in mind that when you gut the laptop the components that are required are the floppy drive, the bar for the function keys, the keyboard, and the mouse pad. You need everything (except the encasing) and you especially need the screen. It is ok if the screen is detached because you’ll reattach it in a later step.

Getting Your Frame Ready

Once you have the outside components of the laptop removed from the hardware you can begin to build the frame. The frame can be a pre bought frame that corresponds to the size of your laptop screen, or you can make out of your favorite materials – it’s up to you. Make sure that the frame has space to fit the screen snugly. For further safety, you can also build hinges into the frame to hold the screen inside. After you’ve either build your own frame or purchased a frame and configured it with hinges and other things that you’re looking for concerning your frame, you are ready to put everything together, which is a pretty easy step.

Putting Your Digital Photo Frame Together

So, now you’ve got the hardware and you also have the frame. To begin with, you want to place the laptop screen into the frame and make sure that it fits well. If everything looks ok, you can continue. The next step is to attach your laptop components. Behind the screen, begin assembling the laptop back in place. You should have your keyboard and other laptop components attached behind the screen. You can secure everything in place using metal wires. Once everything is secure, connect your screen so you’ll be able to view images on the screen when that stage arrives. Your screen should turn on normally like a traditional laptop, as all you did was remove the shell of the laptop and reconnect the screen to the components that are secure behind the frame.

The Viewer

The final step to building your own electronic frame is to choose a view program. Unlike digital photo frames, your homemade product needs software to run your pictures. The most common viewers are SVGA, QV, and Sea. You can find the software online for these programs. After you’ve installed the software and the hardware is running like it should, you can add the photos.

Playing the Photos and Summary

Making your own digital photo frames is not too difficult. Once you have the program running, it will specify how you can view your photos. In most cases, it will just have you load the photos to the program and it will run the photos like a traditional digital photo frame does. You can place the photo frame anywhere in your home or even mount it in a wall or office. The choice is up to you. Overall, creating your own digital photo frame can be done by anyone, but it is most easily completed by those that have a background in computers. The time and effort it takes for those not in the field may be greater. Regardless though, you’ll certainly enjoy from a sense of accomplishment and even putting an old laptop to good use again.

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