When a friend introduced me to the HMDX Jam, I have to say I was amazed. The sound coming from this small wireless speaker was beyond impressive. The design and packaging make this a great gift for kids. The HMDX Jam is available in a variety of fun colors. This makes it easy to match personal style.
In this HMDX Jam review we will discuss design, performance and general pro’s and con’s.
The speaker pairs with virtually any Bluetooth device and has a range of about 30 feet. Bluetooth pairing setup is easy and quick. I was able to connect the HMDX Audio Jam to my iPhone in seconds. Of course, I have to keep in mind this is a speaker that measures only 2.5″ by 2.5″. This small size means I can slip it in a pocket if I’m heading out for a few hours of wireless listening.
The HMDX Audio Jam is connectable via a Bluetooth wireless connection or through an audio cord. You’ll need to get a patch cable to connect your non-Bluetooth devices. On the base of the speaker you’ll find a USB connection for charging. The speaker does come with a USB cable so you can charge it from your computer or other powered USB connection.
The base of the Jam has a rubberized ring that helps it cling to smooth surfaces. The rubber also reduces vibration noises found in other hard case speakers.
When turning on the speaker I found the start-up sound to be annoying. The sound is unexpected and gave me the feeling a had a toy in my hands.
The Jam’s wireless connection is not perfect. It took me several attempts to connect to my OSX devices. Once the connection is made the speaker is slow to catch up to audio playing from my Bluetooth device, so I miss out on the initial audio. For some reason, the Jam likes to alert you when the audio starts or goes passive. These beeps can be annoying at best.

The HMDX Audio Jam wins when it comes to sound. Keeping in mind the speaker is less than 3″ in size, the audio is better than expected for the low price. I found the sound satisfying in a medium size room. The base is better than most and has decent mid-range sound.
Price Disclaimer
It comes with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery advertised to play for 4 hours when fully charged. As usual, actual battery life will vary depending on the level of volume used. When used at full volume, I usually get less than 4 hours of battery life.
Overall the HMDX Audio Jam produces good sound for someone with a small budget or looking for a pocket speaker. The speaker’s battery life is shorter than I would like, but it does generally meet the 4-hour life suggested by the manufacturer.
One unique aspect of the design I really appreciate is that the HMDX Audio Jam fits in my car’s cup holder. This makes it easy to listen to audio books or music loaded on my smartphone.
Affordable priced
Small form factor
Multiple audio inputs
Power switch
Fits in a cup holder
Distortion a max volume
Rubber base reduces vibration
Short battery life
Loud start up sound
Irritating connectivity sounds
Low volume noise

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