Garmin Edge 810 Review

Garmin Edge 810 Review
Garmin Edge 810 Review

On Amazon, the product is rated at 3.9 out of

  • So, the rating alone speaks volumes about the product. Maybe it is the price that made people rate the product low. Now, please go on and read my review of the product. I have rated the product based on its design, performance, usability and value.

    Finally, the Edge 810 GPS-supported cycle computer is out for sale. While the previous model and the new one look almost the same, the latest one is far better. What makes this the best GPS watch for cycling is the inclusion of new smartphone apps and Bluetooth. For making your decision easier, let us take a closer look at the watch from design, usability, and performance and value aspects.

    Features and design

    The casing is the same, but the new device weighs less (97g). The computer measures 93x53x25mm. On the front, there are two buttons for lap/reset and start/stop. With the power button located on the upper left side of the device, you can also access the screen brightness/lock feature.

    All other features of the previous model can also be seen in this one, such as 66mm backlit and color touch screen. On the backside, you can access the mini USB ports for inserting memory cards and recharging the device.


    Unlike its predecessor, the Edge 810 allows you to predefine as many as 10 types of bikes and 5 related sub-categories, and each category comes with customizable data screens.

    You can make configurations to find out elevation and the percentage “grade” for general riding, not during the cross races. In the same way, if you are a time trial racer, you can configure another category (it’s up to you) with speed and power output.

    As always, you can configure each category with related ANT+ cordless devices, such as speed/cadence sensors, heart rate straps, and power meters, just to name a few.

    The great thing about the Edge 810 is that you need to configure only once, which is a feature unavailable on the previous model. After you have selected the bike and type of ride, you have to tap on “RIDE”. At the end of the ride, you will see information about personal records and other notes as per your ride history.

    The screen resolution is low and it’s not as responsive as an iPhone or Android device. Apart from this, the gadget comes with only a basic map, not a detailed one. The data upload and download feature is available, though.


    As far as usability goes, the 810 cannot be linked to the GLONASS satellite network of Russia. But the regular GPS connectivity is fine as long as you are not going to have a ride in a mountainous neighborhood.

    The batter life of the Edge 810 is worse than its predecessor. On one recharge, the device can be used for 17 hours, but the culprit may be the Bluetooth. What makes the gadget easier to use is the dual ANT+/Bluetooth cordless chip, which allows you to pair your device with Android and iOS phones with the help of the Garmin Connect cell phone app. Now, it’s quite easy to connect the two gadgets.

    While the app automatically uploads data on the Garmin site, you need to use a PC or tablet for changing tiles or adding notes. But this is not a huge annoyance. Of course, you can share your progress on Facebook and Twitter and use a virtual partner too. And there is an automatic alert system for weather changes as well.

    Supporting software and hardware

    Users of Garmin products have been waiting for the OutFront mount, which is now compatible with the Garmin Edge 81This version is made of kind of molded plastic and features a hinged clamp and rubber inserts for both types of handlers. The interface is a quarter-turn, which can be rotated at 90 degrees if you want to use it with the outdoor GPS unit of Garmin.

    While the mount is good, it is not cheap at $40 price point. Apart from this, the long, thin mast is a bit flexy making it hard to get the clamp mounted on the handlebar. What irritate the most is the mount itself that is offer-axis making the computer a bit rotated.

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