Dr Dre Pill Review

Dr Dre Pill Review
Dr Dre Pill Review
Audiophiles who love their music and want to listen to it on the go will surely enjoy the sound quality that comes from the Dr. Dre Pill speaker. Portable speakers have changed the way that people listen to music, allowing for freedom from wires and the opportunity to listen to music in a plethora of situations. While there are many portable speakers on the market, the Dr. Dre Pill is among the top available. In this Dr Dre Pill review we will share our thoughts why the Pill is such a great speaker system.

The design of the Dr. Dre Pill is what really makes this speaker shine. Even though it gives off quality that is unheard of in other speakers that are similar in size, this speaker offers a beautiful design that is unlike any other portable system. The Pill looks like, well, an oversized pill. The entire front side of the system offers four speakers that are neatly protected behind a grated exterior. The back of the Pill is a flat material that offers input for other input options, in the case that you don’t want to listen to it via Bluetooth. The Pill also comes in either black, red, or white, making it easy to color coordinate with whatever your style preference is.

The sound that comes from the Pill is very powerful for its small size. When you see a speaker system that is small and portable, you don’t often expect to hear such powerful and clean noise. But this is a misconception about this speaker, as the treble and bass are both powerful enough to hear crystal clear quality. If you have a house party with hundreds of people, this speaker probably wont be the best option (but that’s not really what the Pill is meant for). Instead, if you live in a dorm room, are out camping, or if you simply want to have enough noise for a moderate sized room, this is the perfect speaker system for such situations.
Price Disclaimer
The connectivity of the Bluetooth is what a lot of people will be looking for when looking for a wireless speaker system. Needless to say, the Dr. Dre Pill easily connects to your device and the sound itself remains quite clear for a few dozen feet. If you get more out of range, the sound quality will start to dissipate, so that should be considered. However, if you don’t want to use the Bluetooth connectivity, you can use an auxiliary cable to directly hook up your device and the sound is even better and more crystal clear.
Battery Life
As great as the Dr. Dre Pill is, the battery life could be a bit better. This is a wireless speaker set, so its understandable that it uses a lot of battery to both give off great sounding audio, as well as connect via Bluetooth. However, you would hope that with all the technology available, the battery life would be better maintained in such a desirable speaker system. In such a great portable speaker, the battery life is the one shortcoming that may disappoint you.
Overall, the Dr. Dre Pill is not only a great sound system, but its also a fun portable speaker. It looks great when you carry it with you and you’ll be able to provide great audio whenever you hook it up to your device. If you are in the market for a new Bluetooth speaker system, you wont be disappointed with the Dr. Dre Pill.

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