Creative D100 Review

Creative D100 Review
Creative D100 Review

Those that are looking for a portable speaker system to pair with their wireless device, while saving money at the same time, can look to the Creative D100 for their music needs. For just around $50, this Bluetooth speaker offers crisp sound quality and some really neat bonus features. It is perfect for those who want to have a cheap and reliable speaker that they can use to fill small rooms and outside areas with music. We will discuss its pro’s and con’s in this Creative D100 Review.

First and foremost, Creative did a really great job in how they are marketing their D10

  • This speaker system comes in four different color options which are sure to attract many different people. Besides black, options like blue, green and pink make it perfect for dorms or homes that you are looking to accent the rest of the room with your wireless speaker device. (Update: recently a limited white D100 model has been released. At the time of writing it was still available on Amazon) model has been released. At the time of writing it was still available on Amazon). It’s also great when you take it with you on the road, as the bright colors make it stand out from the rest of the items you may carry with you.
  • Furthermore, the four rubber feet on the bottom make the device solid in stature, so you can rest assured knowing it wont slide around much. This is one of the relatively more solid Bluetooth speakers we have seen, as it is always nice when you don’t have to worry about it being knocked over or falling down.
    The D100 offer buttons on the front that will sync the device as well as control the volume. It is very simple and nothing special, but it’s really all you need with a basic Bluetooth wireless speaker. On the back, you will find a power button and spots for your power outlet and auxiliary input in case you’d rather do that than use Bluetooth. On the bottom of the device is an area that can be removed, which is where you put the 4AA batteries that it takes to charge the device.

    So this is where we get to one of the details that we aren’t crazy about. That is, the fact that it takes 4AA batteries to play this device. Creative assures that the device will run on 25-hours with the batteries, but this seems to be a bit inconvenient in todays technological world. It certainly would’ve been more impressive to have a built in rechargeable battery option, that allows you to charge the device when on the go. Plus, having batteries lying around seems to be an outdated option, as more and more devices are going towards rechargeable batteries. Lastly, when you factor in that you’d have to be routinely buying batteries, it somewhat defeats the price point of the D10

  • Although it’s a great price on its own, if you have to buy batteries regularly, it can certainly add up.
  • Performance
    What should be most importantly considered about the D100 is the sound quality it creates. The maximum volume that you can turn it up to is pretty outstanding. However, the more you turn it up, the less quality the audio is. So while it may not be loud enough to create sound over a lot of people at a house party, it will be more than enough to fill a room where the D100 is the main audio element.
    All in all, the Creative D100 is one of the better-priced Bluetooth options that you will be able to find on the market today. And it is certainly worth what it costs. As previously stated in this review, it would be great for a speaker system that went into a dorm room and used the power outlet majority of the time, while only using the battery power when necessary. However if you are continually changing out the batteries, you may notice the price point is not as valid. But, with the quality sound that it generates, it is a great option for a wireless Bluetooth speaker system.

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