Cheap Digital Photo Frames

Cheap Digital Photo Frames
Cheap Digital Photo Frames

It depends on what you mean by cheap. A digital frame with low resolution is not worth buying no matter what the price. There is no value in a frame with a resolution below 640 by 48

  • The images will be pixilated, which is a waste of money no matter how low the cost. The right digital photo frame is a joy to behold and makes a great gift for tech-challenged people. However, some models can be aggravating and don’t deliver the required joy-to-price ratio. It is worth buying a cheap digital photo frame, but there are a few features that you need in order to get the best digital frame experience. The bottom line is you have to know what you want.

    Whatever screen size you choose, the aspect ratio is probably 4:Most digital cameras that are just point-and-shoot take photos in this ratio, so this is a good fit. Some digital picture frames use a 16:9 ratio that requires your photos to be cropped so that they fit on the LCD screen. However, there are digital photo frames that have a 15:9 display that makes it seem like a tiny, HDTV.

    Some points to consider are:

    • Digital photo frames are actually attractive and sophisticated looking and enhance the interior decor of a room. You may want to consider this when you look at the price.

    • Some frames only work when they are connected to an electricity source. Some have rechargeable batteries and can be taken places. Actually, any of them can be taken places as long as there is an electrical outlet nearby.

    • You might want to look into the support given by the manufacturer. This includes contact policies, warranties and user manuals. Some companies will immediately replace your frame if it breaks down while it is still under warranty. This is a good feature and definitely worth paying a little more for.

    • Some frames have motion sensors. This means the slideshow only plays when someone enters the room. You can select the time you want the motion sensor to start working. It will only turn on if the motion is within a specified radius of the frame. You can also set the time for the motion sensor to turn off.

    Other factors to consider:

    Another possibility is an accelerometer, so the photos will show in both landscape and portrait mode. Also, do you want to watch videos, load photos from the Internet or view photos from Facebook? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you will need high-end features such as Wi-Fi, web browsers, text news feeds and streaming Internet radio. These web-connected features make the menu complicated, which is fine for you but may not be the best choice for your grandmother. For her, and any other technically-challenged person, the best cheap digital photo frames are the ones that have a USB port and SD memory slot and that’s about all.

    There is a good solution for those who want an Internet connection but don’t have a Wi-Fi network. Some digital photo frames are always connected to a signal, which means you can email photos directly to the frame. There is usually no service-plan fee for this.

    The digital frame needs to support the same image file format of your camera. Most digital cameras produce pictures with JPG extension, but some also use RAW, GIF, TIFF or PNG. The formats the frame supports will be listed on the box. If you are looking online, it will be listed in the specifications. If you accidently or on purpose buy a frame that doesn’t support the photos your camera takes, you’ll have to convert them into the supported format before you can put them on the frame.

    You also need to check the media and music formats. If the frame you like plays music and only supports MP3s, and your music is in MP4 format, then your iPod will not plug into your frame.

    The best cheap digital photo frames are usually the smaller sizes. The most popular is a seven inch frame, but they are available up to 32 inches. They are measured on the diagonal, and the bigger the screen is the higher the price. The controls should be easy to use. The buttons are usually on the back but may be on the front. They should be clearly labelled and easily accessible.

    Some digital frames have built-in memory so that photos can be copied directly into the frame from a camera or computer. The cheaper models often don’t have internal memory, and you need to use a USB drive or an SD card to play the slideshow.

    Some high-end extras are interchangeable frames to match your décor and a remote control. If it has a remote, the features of the frame are usually accessed with the remote, and the frame only has a power button. Another optional extra is a TV-out connection. With this, you, or your grandparents, can display the photos on a TV. This is a great option for older people. It is much easier for them to enjoy large, colorful, clear photos than smaller ones. If your frame is Bluetooth-compatible, you can copy photos directly to the frame from your phone or other Bluetooth device.

    In Summary

    The answer to the question, are cheap digital photo frames worth buying , is yes and no. If the digital frame is for you, and you are sufficiently tech-savvy to get the most out of the features that you want on the device, then it’s definitely worth buying even if it’s not cheap. If you want a basic digital frame to give as a gift to someone who is tech-challenged, the answer is ‘yes’ again. They will get a lot of brilliant use out of it as long as you keep supplying them with photos. However, if you are looking for a cheap frame and aren’t really interested in the features or resolution, the answer is ‘no’. Don’t waste your time and money on an aggravating gadget that you or your grandparents will find no use for and chuck into the closet.

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