Cambridge Soundworks The OontZ Review

Cambridge Soundworks The OontZ Review
Cambridge Soundworks The OontZ Review

This little speaker offered me a good balance between affordability, style, and sound. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound produced by the Cambridge Soundworks OontZ. The speaker comes in multiple colors and weighs in at just over 10 ounces, making it convenient for slipping into my laptop case when I travel.
In the OontZ review I will touch upon it’s design, performance and general pro’s and con’s.

The OontZ connects well to other devices. I had no problem connecting it to my iPhone and iPad. The OontZ Angle is the little brother The OontZ. This product is about $10 dollar more expensive than the smaller Oont Angle. More about the difference between these speakers in the video below.
Even with the low price, quality of construction is still important to me. I didn’t want to have to replace a speaker after just a few weeks of use. The quality of the OontZ exceeded my expectations. This Massachusetts based company has been making speakers for over 20 years.  They’ve been able to take that experience and reduce it to a 10 ounce package that continues to amaze any listener.
For just over $50, getting a Bluetooth wireless speaker that includes a microphone was unexpected. Having a quality speakerphone for travel is an added bonus. I don’t have to rely on the small, built-in speaker in my iPhone. I take the OontZ with me on business trips because it easily fits in my laptop case. The speakerphone feature allows me to conveniently take calls while listening to music or watching a movie on my laptop in my hotel room.

The Cambridge Soundworks OontZ offers a great mid-range performance and clear crisp highs. Whether we are using it indoors or outdoors by the pool, the sound quality is amazing. When compared to some other speakers costing twice as much, the OontZ packs a fuller and richer sound.
Price Disclaimer
The Soundworks OontZ offers features typically available only more expensive speakers. Multiple inputs make it easy to connect a wide variety of devices. The speaker includes an auxiliary jack, a mini-USB port, as well as the Bluetooth wireless connection.
Easy to use
Direct wired auxiliary input
Easy to connect to Bluetooth
Rechargeable battery
10 hour play time
Affordable price
Small size limits sound quality
Sound may behave static at times (reconnecting fixes this problem)
While you could easily spent three times the cost of the Soundworks OontZ for a high-end portable speaker, this unit combines the three things I was looking for in a wireless speaker; affordability, quality sound, and light weight.
My kids love the cool design and custom colors. They’ve each picked their own color and now it’s easy to identify everyone’s personal speaker in the house. The superb bass is also a hit with the kids who love to take it when they hang with their friends.
For less than $50, you can’t go wrong with the style and sound of the Oontz Angle or the slightly more expensive and bigger Oontz. There’s a color style for everyone and the speaker is easy to connect to and use. The sound that comes from this speaker continues makes me think I’m listening to a much larger device.

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