Buying Guide for a Smart Watch

Buying Guide for a Smart Watch
Buying Guide for a Smart Watch

A smart watch is a digital computer wristwatch that let you connect and share features with another device such a computer, a tablet or to a smartphone. A great alternative option for sports watches for men and women. A smart watch will help you to manage and organize your life and checking all your messages, notifications and events without having to look at your phone or tablet.


This is where the smart watch starts to be really useful. The great benefit of any smart watch is be able to receive all sorts of notifications such as calls, emails, text-messages, facebook and other social media alerts, calendar reminders and much more depending on the apps available for your model. All of this of course, without having to get your phone from your pocket or bag.

Most of smart watches allow you to enable and customize what kind of notifications you want to show on your display and some also have the option to beep or vibrate.

Latest models are offering the ability to make and receive phone calls straight from the watch if you are connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

Design & Style

Remember, you are buying a watch, so it’s important that you like the style of the device. That’s an important feature of any wearable technology: It needs to be beautiful and make you feel comfortable.

Straps & Waterproof

If you are buying a smartphone to use during sports activities or outdoors, it’s important to check if the model is fully waterproof or just water-resistant.

Display Types


– Great contrast and brightness ratios

– Consume less power


– Usually better for outdoor/sun light


– Lasting longer battery

– Good contrast outdoor


Always check if the smart phone you are considering has a Touch Screen display or just physical buttons. A Touch screen display is essential for exploring all the features and apps. Physical buttons can be easier to use if you are wearing the smart watch in fitness activities such as running or training outdoors.


Not all devices come with a built-in Camera, some just allow you to control a camera in another device or your smartphone.


Smart watches and Bracelets can be compatible mainly with Google Android or Apple iOS. There are a few models that are compatible with both. Always check if the smart watch is compatible with your phone model. It’s not only about the Operation System.

Additional Features and Apps

Every device is different and will offer different unique features depending on brand, model and compatibility. Make sure you read the descriptions and specifications of the smart watch or bracelet your are interested so you can decide the best one for your lifestyle.

Here are some good examples:

Sports & Fitness Activity Trackers

Built-in pedometer (measures steps), accelerometer (measures intensity) and heart rate monitor are the most common examples of activity trackers in a smart watch.

All smart watches come with some activity tracker feature, either built-in or available from apps. More than just useful, smart watches can be really fun to use if you start to track your sports activities like timing, distance, speed, calories burned and much more. Those features will definitely help you to achieve your goals and give that extra motivation to get out there and work out.

Voice Control

Use your smart watch with your hands-free to send and receive messages or simply search the web. Some products are compatible with Apple’s Siri and Google Now, don’t forget to check the compatibility list of each device.

Music Player

Another great benefit of some smart watches is the ability to store your favourite tracks and playlists so you can listen to your music event if you are not with your smartphone. But be careful, not all models have memory to store your library and only can play songs when you are connected to your smartphone.

Wearable technology is improving quickly and constant new features are launched every day. Look in detail on the list of apps and features of your favorite smart watch.

Special Features

Built-in heart rate sensor and pedometerBuilt-in cameraWatchOn Remote

One-touch NFC pairingSunlight-readable displayTimer, compass and stopwatch

Brushed stainless steel or black matte finishCorning Gorilla Glass watch face

Google NowBuilt-in podometer and optical heart rate monitor

Activity Trackers Android Compatible Android Wear Apple iOS compatible Bluetooth Builtin-Camera Google Now GPS LCD Mp3 Player OLED & AMOLED Siri Smartwatch Sports & Fitness sports watches Tizen Touch Screen Voice Control Water Resistant Wristwatch

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