Best Tips to Save Battery Life Android Phone

Best Tips to Save Battery Life Android Phone
Best Tips to Save Battery Life Android Phone

Tips to Save Battery Life :-Friends today our android phone contain different type features & lot of apps, So its consumed much battery of your phone . So today we will tell you best tips to save battery life android phone . which increase life of your battery and phone . You also found amazing processor in your phone and also power full selfie camera . So Result is your phone drink your all battery life.

There are many reason to your battery finish very soon . Here is some common reason :

  • Modern Android phone contain power full hardware , Which need much power to work you phone. So result is your batter goes down fast.

    Internet use all time is another reason of battery life , Because when we using internet then its need lot of battery power . I experiment a day when i do not run internet in my phone , result is amazing my battery not down at evening compare of others day .

    Roaming is also big factor of down your battery fast . Because when we are evening our phone sim card give much load in phone .

    There are some common reason of finishing our battery life fast . Result we taking power bank with us all time or we always try to find charging point . But today we will give you some basic tips , if you follows this all tips then you amazingly able to increase your battery power. This my all tips save your battery life.

    Here is some common tips to increasing battery life :

    Off your all another network : First point is when we are calling to any person , there are also other network is on your phone. Like your Wi-Fi, GPS ,Bluetooth , So your phone consumed your battery fast . So what you do now if you no need of any other network then off all , on only when you need of any this service.

    Auto Update Application Off : In your phone many application is installed , and you fixed your apps on auto update . So where is problem , suppose your battery remaining is 16 % & suddenly 5 apps updates come . But you don’t know they are updating because your phone in your pocket. so result is your phone battery goes down. Now what you need to do only set your apps update when you are in home or using your wifi .

    Sound of your phone : Commonly we set different type of ring tones in our phone or touch sound . No need to on that all sound . Best way is off all unwanted sound of your phone.

    Screen : Now point is come on Android phone screen , If you wants that your phone not consume your battery fast, then down your screen brightness . Never select phone auto brightness option , because its adjust brightness for phone according to day or night . In auto brightness your sensor is active because its search brightness of your near which means phone is working & consumed your battery .

    Screen timed out : This is setting of screen which tell you time when your screen going off . where ever you set the time of your screen timed out. So what we do not , commonly we set our screen time 1 to 5 minute, No need to increase time of your screen . Always set your screen time to only 30 to 40 seconds. It is very in off time according to my experiment .

    Live Wallpaper : We always set live wallpaper in our phone back screen , because we want give better look to our phone. But my advice turn off live wallpaper & result is your phone battery not decrease fast.

    Fake & Duplicate Charger : Do not use fake charger or duplicate charger, they are reducing your battery life . Some cases found when people are charging phones with duplicate charger and phone blast . So my advice always use Original charger , because they pass all guidelines .

    Friends you saw in your phone contain different type features , like when you carry your phone with hand then your phone screen on automatically . No need to use this type features always off all that feature .

    In last i will tell you about new phone which is Nokia 3310 , which company launched some days ago . This phone is best feature is its give 25 days battery backup . But in this phone you not able to use whats app, Facebook or other app. But this phone battery not goes down before 25 days.

    So that is my all tips who saved your battery life , Thanks for reading my post . Please share my post with your friends and family , because it really motivate me to make awesome stuff for you.

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