Best Gaming Mouse For You

Best Gaming Mouse For You
Best Gaming Mouse For You

I’ve done the research and provided you with my take on all of the major gaming mice on the market today. But what is the best gaming mouse? Although that comes down to personal preference, I’ve written up a short guide to show you some of the best gaming mouse reviews for your purposes.
For the Typical Gamer – The Logitech G9X
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The G9X is a mid to high end mouse from Logitech. It has a 5700 DPI engine (with the latest software update), so it’s as fast and accurate as you’ll ever need. It also includes buttons to increase and decrease sensitivity on the fly, along with back and forward buttons on the left side. In addition, it allows you to add or remove weight from the back of the mouse to suit your play style, and it comes with two different grips. While this mouse doesn’t have as many programmable buttons as other mice, it has all the control and precision along with a level of customization that you usually can’t find at this price point.

For the Gamer on a Budget – Logitech MX 518 or Razer Deathadder
Logitech MX 518
Razer Deathadder
This is a bit of a tossup for me. These mice are both on the low-end of gaming mice, but perfectly good upgrades from your standard mouse. When buying a budget mouse, you have to sacrifice a little. The Logitech MX 518 has 8 total buttons – which is great for a budget mouse – but it sacrifices on speed. It only goes up to 1600 DPI. The Razer Deathadder is kind of the opposite; it has only 5 total buttons, but a 3500 DPI engine. So if you’re looking to get a cheap mouse that’s almost as quick as the high-end mice, go with the Razer Deathadder. If you prefer having programmable buttons, go with the Logitech MX 51

  • For the MMOG Player – Razer Epic Naga
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    If you’re a hardcore player of popular MMOs like World of Warcraft. This may be the mouse for you. It has the most buttons of any mouse out on the market. It clocks in with 17 total buttons. You can set these buttons to do in-game actions and set up an unlimited number of profiles. Razer even gives you addons specific to many popular games out right now. This mouse is expensive and complex, and I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone, but if you are the type that binds every action to a hotkey and likes to fully customize your gaming experience, this is a mouse to consider. You may also be interested in the standard Razer Naga, which is very similar but lacks the wireless capability and has slightly less customization.

    For the Most Customization – Cyborg R.A.T. 9
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    Although it has a higher price tag, the Cyborg R.A.T. 9 is probably one of my favorite mice. I love the crazy look of it and the feature list is astounding. This mouse can be adjusted to fit literally any hand. You can adjust the length and width with the turn of a knob. It also has 6 interchangeable pieces – 3 pinky grips and 3 palm grips. Want the mouse to be heavier or lighter? Just add or remove one of the 6 weights the mouse comes with. Even with this customization, it still has 5 programmable buttons. One of my favorite features of the mouse is its “precision aim mode.” When you hold the red button along the left side, the mouse instantly drops to slower speed to help you when you need a steady aim. While this mouse may not be for everyone, its definitely a contender for the best gaming mouse.

    For the Serious Gamer – Logitech G700
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    Generally speaking, the Logitech G700 is one of the best mice on the market. It doesn’t try to get ahead in one area such as customization or the amount of buttons, but it great in almost every category. It’s blazing fast at 5700 DPI, is dual wired/wireless, and has a huge 13 total buttons – just short of the Razer Naga. This mouse is perfect for the serious gamer as will fare well in any first person shooter, massively multiplayer online gamer, or real time strategy. This is Logitech’s highest end mouse and yet it still retains a modest price point. This mouse has all the essentials of a great gaming mouse, but if you need a mouse for a specific purpose, you may look elsewhere.

    For the Serious Starcraft 2 Player – Razer Spectre
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    The Razer Spectre is kind of a niche mouse. I wasn’t going to include it in this list, but my friend is an avid starcraft 2 player and he absolutely loves it. This mouse is designed just to play SC

  • It’s very fast at 5600 DPI, and has two programmable buttons on the side. That’s great, but what makes this mouse different? First of all, you can set your mouse click sensitivity. This is the only mouse I know of that allows you to do so. You can make it quick and responsive, or more firm. The biggest feature of the mouse is the light in the back. It can be set to count your APM (actions per minute) and light up accordingly. If you’re playing slow, it could be blue. When you have more going on, it could turn green. When you’re playing at pro levels, you could have it turn red. This is a handy little feature if you really care about your game. You can also download a piece of software from the Razer website that allows the mouse to change color based on in game events. For instance, the mouse can flash red when you’re attacked. Now, this mouse is in no way for everyone. Very few people keep track of their APM or even know what it is. If, however, you are one of these people and take your Starcraft 2 game seriously, this could be your secret weapon.
  • Conclusion
    Hopefully I’ve covered some of the categories that will help you to choose the best gaming mouse. I’ll update this page from time to time as new mice are released. Want me to review a specific mouse? Drop me a line using the “Contact Us” form linked to at the top of the page.

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