Apple Watch 2 Rumored Details Starts Leaking In

Apple Watch 2 Rumored Details Starts Leaking In
Apple Watch 2 Rumored Details Starts Leaking In

The Apple Watch broke some amazing sales records when it launched and it is still going strong today but that did not stop rumors from bubbling that the next Apple Watch is already in development. Rumors are slowly piling in that Apple is planning some big things for the Apple Watch 2 and that they really intend to “wow” the customers with their planned upgrades.

It is time to talk about one particular addition to the Apple Watch experience that is getting most of the attention right now and is a promising upgrade if it turns out to be true.

What Will the Apple Watch 2 Offer This Time Around?

One of the biggest details that have been spun by the rumor mill is that the Apple Watch 2 will include a front camera that will be used for video calls. Yes, you can now relieve your James Bond, Inspector Gadget or any spy or futuristic films fantasy of talking with someone, face to face, right from your wrist.

This feature is still not set in stone so there might be changes or it might not get included at all. However, seeing as the race to the top spot in the smartwatch industry is heating up we would not be surprised to see Apple Watch 2 include this feature in their next smartwatch device to help them keep the lead.

Other additional features that are being rumored to be implemented in the next Apple Watch seems to tackle its biggest flaw which is its complete dependence to the iPhone. As the sources have stated, it seems Apple will install the Apple Watch 2 with its own Wi-Fi chipset which will allow the smartwatch to operate on its own freely. This means that you can leave your iPhone at home (as long as it is connected online) and just bring your Apple Watch 2 (again, as long as it is also connected to a Wi-Fi network) and contact your friends from your phonebook.

These are just a few of the rumored specs that the Apple Watch 2 will have and if it turns out to be true then Apple is really listening to their customers as these features all seem to address the first Apple Watch’s obvious shortcomings. What does the future hold for the Apple Watch 2? Only time will tell once Apple officially reveals details about the device which looks to have a released date sometime next year.

More Rumored Specs of the Apple Watch 2

If these supposed leaks are to be trusted it seems that not everyone’s concerns will be addressed by the Apple Watch

  • One of its biggest flaws is its considerably short battery life (one day) which appears to be the same with the Apple Watch Apple seems pleased at the moment with their current progress when it comes to battery life so do not expect any Pebble Watch levels of battery life. The Apple Watch 2 seems to stick with its one full day battery life design, which is disappointing.

    Another big issue with the Apple Watch is the price. The sources suggest that it seems the Apple Watch 2, will just be, if not more expensive than the first one. This is actually expected but still, we could hope, right?

    The rumor mills keeps turning with the Apple Watch 2 and keep in mind that all of these supposed “leaks” are still hearsay and should not be stated as valid. This could be a clever research ploy by Apple to figure out what consumers want in their next wearable device, if it is then let us hope they address all the issues that plagued the Apple Watch which prevented it from really breaking through the ceiling, performance-wise.

    The Future of Apple Watch – Predictions

    The Apple Watch is a having a really successful run and Apple seems intent on keeping it that way. Their iPhone has been relatively successful but it is easy to see that Android smartphone is the current leading developer in that platform. The Apple Watch is their first true victory against Android/Google and they will definitely take all necessary steps to keep the lead.

    Right about now, Apple is a great position as it is currently having a huge resurgence in sales. If they address the issues of the Apple Watch with the Apple Watch 2 then they will surely find success again. It is all up to Apple on what their next step is. However, the Android Wear should not be counted out as when it comes to innovations it is clearly in the lead.

    Apple Watch and Android Wear are neck and neck at the competition and this only bodes well for us: the customers.

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