AP-10L Light Caress Gold Corded Operator

AP-10L Light Caress Gold Corded Operator
AP-10L Light Caress Gold Corded Operator


An epilator is quite easy to use and can be done all on your own. It is time consuming and cheap process as compared to the endless waxing and hair removal cream which becomes all so messy. Epilators have been used by both men and women to remove unwanted hair from roots to get a clean smooth skin without getting into fuss. The newest addition to the Gently Gold Caress family of epilator hit the market with the most uniquely and innovatively designed Emjoi AP-10L Light Caress Gold Corded Operator.


The new features include built in bright illuminating light which helps in grooming eyebrows and removing of hard to see hair. With 36 patented, 24 karat gold plated, tweezer action discs Emjoi AP-10L removes hair efficiently and effectively. The tweezers are hypoallergenic which means they provide antimicrobial protection that is essentially needed. The features further include pain reduction technology which is coupled with massaging finger attachment to increase comfort level. The epilator provides corded option so you can use it anywhere and anytime without getting any interruption. Corded operation provides with more power and comparatively better epilating sessions. Specially designed ergonomically with soft grip feature Gold Corded Operator fits in the hand easily and offers maximum control while removing hair from the root. The epilator efficiently removes flat and short hair of even 0.5 mm size from large areas like legs and underarms as well as delicate areas like chin, upper lip, bikini line and facial hairs. Featuring dual speed setting, the 120 Volt Emjoi AP-10L include accessories like adapter, cleaning brush and carrying pouch.

Key Points

The epilatorcomprises of 36 patented, 24 karat gold plated tweezers which gently removes hair.

The tweezers are hypoallergenic providing antimicrobial protection from hygienic issues and give you clean smooth skin for long lasting weeks.

It includes built in bright illuminating light to groom eyebrows and remove hard to see hairs.

It is ergonomically designed to offer soft grip and maximum control while using it to give silky smooth and clean skin for a long period of 6 weeks.

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