Aluratek ADMPF119 19-Inch Digital Photo Frame Review

Aluratek ADMPF119 19-Inch Digital Photo Frame Review
Aluratek ADMPF119 19-Inch Digital Photo Frame Review

These days, technology is not only revolutionizing the way you communicate, but it is also drastically changing the way your most memorable moments come to life. Rather than encase photographs in an outdated photo album to collect dust, you can display those photographs on a digital photo frame. Digital photo frames are convenient, easy to use, and they allow you to display your favorite photos anywhere in your home. If you are coming from a commercial background, then digital photo frames can enhance your business by providing you with a convenient advertising solution. One popular digital picture frame that will be reviewed below is the Aluratek ADMPF119 19-Inch Digital Photo Frame.

Clear and Vibrant Display

The most important element of the digital photo frame is the display features. This photo frame offers you a high level of image clarity and extremely vibrant colors when you display your photos. The screen is an LCD screen at 1440X900 resolution, which means even the smallest details of your photos will visible. With a 3GB built in storage, your digital photo frame can hold and display many photos. The photo frame displays crisply and with absolute vibrancy. Not only is the display vibrant and clear, but there is also strong multimedia support with this product.

Multimedia Support

Not only is the display important, but so is the multimedia support. This product is compatible with many popular types of media formats, so you don’t need to worry that your technology will not work with this frame. To upload photos, you can use any USB drive or insert your SD card. Once the photos are uploaded and display, you can store them in the frame’s 4GB built in storage. To make the product easy to use, you can program it to run the photos under certain times using the digital clock. The frame also features a calendar, allow you to play music, and even videos.

This frame is very simple to use and mount. You don’t have to be a technical genius in order to use it. You know sometimes when you give an electronic gift to someone they have trouble setting up, well, with this digital picture frame, you won’t have to worry about that. This product is well built and it gets the job done.

Warranty and User Friendly

Finally, this product is great for all ages and those that have limited experience with technology. The photo frame operates on an intuitive basis, allowing users to easily navigate the use. No additional software needs to be installed on the photo frame to display. To use the product, all you need to do is plug in the USB drive or the SD card and the photo frame will automatically being playing the photos of your choice. It really is that easy. The ease of use means that you can give it to anyone as a gift and be sure that they’ll be pleased with not only the display, but also how simple and convenient it is to use.


Overall, the Aluratek Digital Photo Frame is a wonderful product that is great for both personal and commercial purposes. The 19-inch screen displays photos with extreme clarity and using the product is extremely easy, even for those that are not technologically savvy. If you’re looking for a great photo frame to digitally display your photos in high quality imagery, then this is the item to buy.

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