AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones

AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones
AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones

hey whats up guys, while you get switch it up which is exactly. the AKG K 702  so they’re not cheap and they’re not shy about being reference headphones which is on the box and on the headphones themselves and in the name so that’s what you got to analyze the mass so for all intents and purposes.

these are a custom color way of the  AKG K702 Review: Comfy Headphones!

Tues and they are a very simple straightforward pair of open back reference monitors. that means in terms of features there’s not a whole lot of crazy stuff going on here and a lot of consumer headphones like to mess around with you know based ports and dials and adjustable sound.

these arejust about as simple as it gets just a clean no-frills pair of headphones. the one thing you do have going for them though is comfort. this is one of the most comfortable pair of headphones. I’ve ever worn you kind of feel like you can wear them for hours and 19 notice. you’re still wearing them which is exactly what you want with reference monitor headphones because you’ll be wearing them for a long period of time, where you work the cups are big and they go completely around year and in the foam on the inside is this super-soft, like almost like a memory foam so it holds. its shape and move slowly doesn’t get sweaty like leather it’s nice and then they’re super

lightweight. I still do like a little bit of padding on the top of most headphones these aren’t added but it saves weight and the mechanism for how just what they are is super simple it’s just really flexible it slides freely. so no not is there anything and headphones can fit all types of head shapes from you know kids head to a huge head whatever so you dropped on your head and thats in lab and just kind of holds it up there and headphones are light enough, that they’re super comfortable

like. I said also the ear cup song is so thick that they problem the actual inside the headphone completely off here so the inside of your cup is just kind of. this empty space that the sound seems to come from more popular with bigger headphones. so with all this talk about the comfort and no-frills approach you’re probably wondering how do these sound well actually that’s kinda easy they sound like reference headphones. they’re very flat clean balanced and just a little bit warm the biggest difference. you actually notice with these and most other pairs of headphones is that they are open back so soundstage is way wide

and the different parts of tracks sound like they’re coming from different parts of the room around you. I didn’t entire video all about you know open back headphones and what those are like so you can check that out these fall into that category and another thing since they’re open to all know what that means sound leak these leaked like a lot of sound even more than normal. which I think is really a big deal in most

situations are using these like in a studio or something but just something to keep in mind. if you’re planning on bringing these two work or something. it always gave me that actor representation of my audio they might

not be the most fun for music listening because they are so flat and even the master opposition have two ended up the bases bumped by three decibels but even they still sound pretty flat, so can escape the design and that’s basically, it so to summarize what are you getting for your money you’re getting simple headphones not a whole lot and waste teachers but you do get some quality materials. you know some brushed metal plastic up here some real leather over here and is super comfortable overall package thanks to some crafty engineering and I’m thinking they’re pretty durable to say either maybe not great for typical music

listening but they’re awesome for monitoring that’s what they’re made for in a candidate. they’re pretty easy to recommend and like I said obviously

there are some others that do the same thing for the same price but the main advantage of these, i think is their comfort so they’re worth checking out I’m glad I found him lying to them below and I think they’re also  for a couple more days on master.

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