AirDog – The Action Sports Drone review

AirDog - The Action Sports Drone review

  • The Action Sports Drone review
  • Here comes the best Airdog Action camera drone to take amazing photos and videos with gopro cameras while you are in action performing your favorite sports at extreme level

    We all love action and flying drones and then comes the photo shots of our adventure and action to cherish the memories later .so to fulfill all these purposes here comes the  AirDog – The Action Sports Drone which comes equipped with motion prediction technology and various flight modes to get best shots while you are in action in all conditions and environments without any problems with your gopro hero 4 camera.

    With Airdog you can use its wearable and waterproof remote controller called AirLeash to get started with drone flying after selecting your sports to capturing your pics with a pop of a button on rc for flying your drone in whichever mode you like and your every killer sports move and actions would be captured in awesome photos without any constraints of heights and speed you may wish to fly drone at only with this amazing action Drone AirDog


    Airdog is a nice fold-able and travel friendly drone as it comes in a backup without any problems due to its compact and fold able natures ,as its all legs can fold out and comes with small button to unlock the legs for flying .

    Its unique gimbal design built for gopro drones creates a waterproof case to get best shoots from the gopro while flying .

    Its built like a modular tank structure with arms coming out which could be breakable .  If you break an arm of Airdog drone you could swap it out and repair by yourself at low-cost without panicking much.  Airdog is waterproof  at low density(allthough, they won’t officially claim it,but you can check for yourself while flying).  They’ve done internal waterproofing to protect components from any kind of water damage while shooting on oceans for surfing etc .



    Its compatible with any gopro hero 3 or 4 ,so videos and photos would not be lacking anything ,as you know gopro camera are awesome action camera compatible with drones.

    As Far as battery life is concerned ,it gives you 18 minutes approx of in flight time ,which deceases as you fly at full speed and more high altitudes ,so if you are in ocean on yacht and shooting while surfing or swimming etc then you need to have some extra batteries to get going on your adventure with this drone without running out of power juice .

    Airleash is a wearable controller and good to work with ,it comes with 5 flight modes and more will be added in future .


    Battery life : 18 minutes approx

    Product dimensions :24.7 x 24.7 x 5.4 inches; 4.1 pounds

    Shipping Weight : 10.8 pound

    Product weight :4.48 pounds

    Size : Medium



    it comes with separate and dedicated flying mode for almost all action sports 

    comes with AirLeash which is a waterproof and hand wearable airdog controller to allow you fly your drone right from your hand with full control effortlessly

    is featured with advanced safety system which prevents from any kind of accidents due to collosion on ground or walls

    it features awesome design and good quality foldable backup to make it travel friendly drone

    goes upto 40 mph speed at most

    gives 28 knots of wind resistance to fly the air dog drone on windy days too .

    Gyro-stabilized gimbal optimized for GoPro(buy here at discount)

    Includes:  air dog drone ,air leash rc wearable controller,batteries ,extra propellers and charger in pack 


    AirDog – The Action Sports Drone comes at a price of $1500+ approx from various stores .Although the price of this drone keeps on changing with the time ,so you to get the latest you can check out your local store or any e-store like amazon to get it with discount and other additional goodies and accessories like extra battery ,sd card etc to keep it going when you need it without brakes for charging etc .


    Here Comes the list of Some Advantages of airdog action sports drone to consider Before Buying AirDog Drone

    foldable and compact design

    battery life is ok

    built quality is awesome



    Here Comes the list of Some Advantages of airdog action sports drone to consider Before Buying AirDog Drone

    AirDog FAQ

    Is Airleash(controller) Water Proof ?

    Yes. AirLeash is IP67 dust and water-resistant. Number 6 meaning totally protected against dust, 7

  • Protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m.

    *IP 67 (‘Ingress Protection’). IP number is used to specify the environmental protection of enclosures around electronic equipment.

    What are different flight modes of Airdog ?

    AirDog  comes with many tailored-made Flight Modes for different kind of action and adventure sports. Every sport features a Follow Mode and Landing mode that is best suited for that particular sport. Mainly Airdog comes with 5 modes as follows : Fixed follow, follow path, hover & aim, follow line, adaptive follow.

    Besides that it comes with  two landing modes: return to home and land on spot.

    More flight modes will be added more Sports with time through software and app updates.

    What happens when Airdog Runs out of battery ?

    When the drone battery runs out ,its battery monitoring system will calculate how much flight time the drone has left to return to the start point safely and go to start point. Landing modes can be initiated by AirDog when low battery level is reached or by user, manually sending command from AirLeash controller  to land the drone on the spot of your choice or at airleash point. Note that some flight modes do not allow AirDog to perform a “spot” landing .

    What happens to the drone if the airdog loses connection with the air leash controller due to some reason?

    If due to any unforeseen circumstances your air dog drone loses its connection with the air leash then , it will stop following you and start hovering in the sky at the point only for 4 minutes in which it will try to reestablish the connection with drone ,but if its unable to do so then it will check the landing mode setting of the drones ,so if the landing mode is set to SPOT then it will land at that point only but if the landing mode is set to HOME then it will go to the starting place and land their safely provided if it has that much battery left to go home (otherwise it will land where the battery is empty).

    moreover you can set you custom landing modes also if you like and if you have set a water sports in the settings then it comes with pre installed setting of landing mode on home only to avoid landing mode of spot which could destroy the drone when crashed landed in water after losing connection .

    If the connection is lost you may hear a beep tone on your airleash and blue led will turn off to alert you off its lost connection eventually .


    If you are action and adventure enthusiast and requires a drone that follows you in the most extreme conditions,climates and terrans then Airdog is for you as it can follow you in most of the environment including rough terrans ,elevation shifts etc and not to forget that it can easily be transported in your backpack without any problem.

    The camera of this drone is also awesome can gives you awesome pictures quality because its gopro guys and you know what gopro cameras are meant for “ action photography ” .To read an indepth review about its unboxing,working and more you can visit here or you can visit its official site 

    As we all know that its a first gen product from the company ,so their may be some flaws which may get updated in new drones like firmware update ,more battery power ,but still its a pretty solid drone with many awesome features like camera ,its compact and foldable design ,is one of the best asset it have .

    so the question arises when to use this drone ? ,if you have more than 1 drone other than this .well the answer to this is ,it totally depends on the mood and purpose of the trip i am planning ,if i am on a solo trip like cycling ,hiking, skiing, running and wants to capture some videos or photos then its no Brainer to not use AirDog. But if i trying to capture some slow-mo, landscape type shoots then i will use dji phantom 4 or other good quality drones

    But if i have a good drone pilot who can capture more awesome and realistic shoots from the drones ,then i will take his choice ,and also Airdog action drone would be my choice for longer distance and Phantom, series for shorter Distances

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