7 things to look for in a gaming mouse Choosing the Best Gam

So you’re looking into getting a new mouse. Maybe you want the edge over your friends, need a mouse replacement, or are just looking for an upgrade. No matter what the reason, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best gaming mouse.

1. Speed and Accuracy
The thing that really sets a gaming mouse apart from a normal mouse is the DPI. This stands for Dots Per Inch and is a reflection of the amount of recordings a mouse will take if moved one inch. Your standard mouse runs about 800 to 1000 DPI. High-end gaming mice such as the Razer Mamba and the Logitech G700 run at 5600 and 5700 respectively. This high DPI allows the mouse to be extremely sensitive to movement and translates to increased speed in gaming.

2. Programmable Buttons
Another of the big features that separates gaming mice from standard mice is the programmable buttons. Almost all gaming mice have extra buttons that can be set to switch your sensitivity or do custom macros. Before you buy a mouse, make sure it has enough buttons – but not so many that they will get in the way. Some mice, such as the Razer Naga, also have custom interfaces you can download for specific games. These make it easy to clear up some room on screen by mapping your skills or macros to physical buttons.

3. Wired vs. Wireless
Once upon a time, wireless mice were quite a ways behind their wired counterparts. These days, wireless mouse performance is almost on par with that of a wired mouse. This really comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer wired mouse because they don’t lose connectivity or need to be recharged while other like the freedom of a wireless mouse. If you do indeed go wireless, make sure you check to see if any other features are lacking. Also check to see if it uses a rechargeable battery or disposable batteries.

4. Response Time
This is an overlooked yet important aspect of gaming mice. You probably want to find a mouse that has a 1ms response time. This is pretty standard in most gaming mice, but some mice – especially dual wired/wireless mice like the Razer Orochi – take a hit in the response time category when playing wireless.

5. Customization
Probably one of the coolest features of many gaming mice today is the amount of customization you can do. You can change every button, right down to the left and right click to do anything you want. Some mice go even further than that. A few let you change the color of the mouse backlight; some even allow up to 16 million color combinations. Even better, some allow you to change the physical feel of the mouse. The Logitech G9X allows you to change the amount of weight inside the mouse and even the side grip can be switched out.

6. Onboard Memory
Many of the best gaming mice out right now have built-in onboard memory. This allows you to make different mouse profiles for different games or situations and store them on the mouse. This is not only convenient because you can switch between them, but also because it allows you to have all your settings when you plug in to another computer.

7. Extra Features
In the mice currently on the market, there are lots of extra features that can give you an edge. Some of them may seem like overkill, (such as a braided cord and gold-plated usb connectore) but others can give you the edge. Some things to check are the material of the feet, if any software comes with the mouse, and the movement of the scroll wheel. New features will continue ot evolve in gaming mice. It is up to you to discern if the added features will make a difference in the way you play.

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