Best First Aid Kit 2019

The Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

Best First Aid Kit 2019 for Extended Camping Trips, Cars, Boats, Trucks, Office, comes with a smaller
Bonus Mini Aid Kit.

This advanced first aid kit comes with unique items and important supplies so you can be better equipped during those unforeseen emergencies.


If you are caught up in an emergency, this awesome first aid kit comes with an advanced treatment guide to help you make the right decisions and take actions when you need it the most. When you purchase this first aid kit you will also receive a comprehensive PDF guide in your email so you can have the first aid information available on your devices.

Comes equipped with all the emergency first aid treatment esentials:
A First Aid Handbook, 4 Nitrile Gloves, 5 Hydro Gel, Hypo-Allergenic Tape, 10 Non-Adhesive Dressings, 1 Pencil, 6 Laminate Baggies, 1 Refuse Bag, 1 Pressure Bandage, 10 Safety Pins, 10 Skin Cleaning Wipes, 10 Splinter Probes, 10 Sting Relief Wipes, 9 Strip Closures.

2 Triangular Bandage, 1 Tweezers, 1 Whistle, 2 Wound Dressings. 1 7.5″ Shears4″ Emergency Bandage, 10 Alcohol Wipes, Adhesive Bandages: Butterfly – 5 Large, Butterfly – 5 Medium, 5 Large, 30 Standard, 5 Square, 5 Mini, 5 H-Shape, 1 Cold Pack, 1 Combine Dressing, 6 Conforming Bandages, 5 Gauze Swabs, 1 CPR Bag with Instructions, CPR 1 Mask, 20 Ear Buds, 1 Emergency Blanket, 4 Eye Pads, 3 Fever Strips. The carrying bag is made of a durable 600D Polyester.

We never ever want accidents to happen, but unfortunately they do. We all know the old saying, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This kit makes the perfect addition to your gear for outdoor adventures. Being prepared is no wasted espense when it comes to having the best first aid kit for 2019.

The Best First Aid Kit 2019 comes with a smaller first aid kit. The 50 piece mini kit serves as the perfect addition for those small trips or outdoor adventures camping, fishing or hiking when you really need to travel with lighter gear.

This 200 piece first aid kit comes with basic essential life-saving items and there is also additional space to add your own specialty items. If you are serious about being prepared this MED kit is FDA APPROVED FOR TRAVEL.This first aid kit goes above and beyond expectations.