15 Pros and Cons of No.1 F4 Smart Band (REVIEW Explained)

15 Pros and Cons of No.1 F4 Smart Band (REVIEW Explained)
15 Pros and Cons of No.1 F4 Smart Band (REVIEW Explained)

This device makes the end of Xiaomi Mi Band

  • Both on paper and in real it outperforms the Mi Band Currently it is the best one you can possibly get at the price which it is being sold. So lets review the No.1 F4 Smart Band with advantages and disadvantages.

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    Below are the lists of No.1 F4 Smart Band advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.

    Reasons to Buy No.1 F4 Smart Band (Pros and Advantages):

    Unlike other smart bands it has a relatively larger display. The exact size is 0.96 inches which is a monochrome display, means it emits only one color which is white light. The type of the screen is OLED which is much brighter than a LCD and also consumes lesser battery power.

    Next feature is obvious which is regarding notifications from smartphones. You will receive both incoming calls as a reminder and messages as notifications. Notifications can be of any type, means whatever notification the smartphones receives it will be notified to the smart band. It is compatible with any operating system, be it iOS or Android.

    Next is a reminder feature which is concerned of health. Its the sedentary reminder which reminds you with a notification if you sit for too long. It basically tells you to move around for better health.

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    Another feature is sleep monitoring which monitors your sleeping pattern. Everyday it provides a value in hours for how ling you have slept. If you oversleep it notifies you and vice-versa.

    Next No.1 F4 Smart Band pros is a pretty serious one which is related to blood, oxygen and heart. The smart band can measures your blood pressure, amount of oxygen in your blood and the heart rate. However it is very important to not take the data as an alternative to the one you should have taken from a medical equipment found in hospitals.

    It has a pedometer which measures the number of footsteps taken while running or walking. With that data it process and gives a certain value for how much calories you have burnt in the process of taking footsteps.

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    It has some additional features that you won’t find on other smart bands. They are air-pressure, UV radiation meter, weather reports and altimeter which measures altitudes. But all these four features requires connected with a smartphone.

    With GPS it has the ability to measure the trajectory of movements. Means it tells you how you move and how far or near you are from a certain point.

    Yes it is a touchscreen but to see the band you don’t have to tap the smart band. Just raise your hand and it will automatically wake-up the screen.

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    1As the No.1 F4 Smart Band has been rated with an rating of IP68 it is a full waterproof device. It can survive up to 30 meters without any problems. The maximum time at that depth is 1 hour, however I believe it can still survive beyond the indicated limits.

    1The straps are user removable, you can choose of any color. I personally like the blue one.

    1When paired through bluetooth to a smartphone it acts as a remote control for the smartphone camera.

    1It has multi mode professional sports algorithm which tracks differently, means it depends on the activity you are performing. It has badminton, ping pong, basketball, football, riding, swimming, mountaineering and running as different modes. It is important because not all activity are of same intensity.

    1The last is the battery capacity which comes with a 130 mAh. Boy, it is to last more than ten days without recharging.

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    Reasons Not to Buy No.1 F4 Smart Band (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

    The only cons I found is that it heavily relies on smartphones.

    My Verdict : If you can find a better one, ping me. In case if you are looking to get it at a very low price then follow the link below.

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    So, that’s all about the No. 1 F4 Smart band review. If you have any questions do comment below.

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