12 Pros and Cons of DTNO.I G8 Smartwatch (REVIEW Explained)

12 Pros and Cons of DTNO.I G8 Smartwatch (REVIEW Explained)
Before going into the details I would like to tell you that this smartwatch is not of NO

  • By the name it looks like, but its not. So then it is a relatively new brand trying to be around a successful smartwatch brand, that’s all. And also what’s in a name, in todays world everything boils down to the specs, numbers and features. So on that basis let me review the DTNO.I G8 Smartwatch which has been launched recently in China. I will be explaining in pros and cons style. So if later knowing the cons or disadvantages changes your mind then follow the link below for an alternative one.
  • A Far Better Alternative

    A Far Better Alternative
    Below are the lists of DTNO.I G8 Smartwatch advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.
    Reasons to Buy DTNO.I G8 Smartwatch Phone (Pros and Advantages):

    1. The first noticeable reason to go with the device is for the display. Yes it has a 1.2 inch IPS screen which has a resolution of 240×240 pixels. Due to the smaller screen size compared to others which has 1.39 inch it has higher pixel density. Viewing angles is great and due to the high intensity brightness it is perfectly visible under direct sunlight. Overall in terms of display I can safely say its a very good one.
    2. Under the hood it is powered by MTK2502 CPU which is of Mediatek. The 32 MB RAM may be small but before complaining don’t forget the price for what you are paying. There is no any smartwatch that has 32 MB RAM along with a 1.2 inch circular dial at this price. So, I am pretty satisfied what the brand is offering.
    3. Another DTNO.I G8 advantages is that it comes with a SIM card slot. Yes, a SIM card for making and receiving calls. You will not have to pair with a smartphone through bluetooth for making calls. Unlike the major brands from Samsung, Apple and Asus it is totally independent. It is a fully functional phone.
      A Far Better Alternative
    4. There is a heart monitoring sensor at the bottom which measures your heart in bits per second. There is another feature which you won’t find it in many and that is the blood pressure monitoring technology.
    5. Next health related feature is the movement trajectory system, its the pedometer which measures the footsteps taken. It measures even while running and gives the calorie burnt in the process. However the accuracy is not like an industrial grade but accurate enough for casual monitor.
    6. The DTNO.I G8 smartwatch also comes with a sleep monitoring feature. It monitors your sleeping pattern so that you can know if you have overslept or under-slept. You can even set an alarm to not over sleep, so that the alarm will ring automatically to wake you up.
    7. Its has a sports and social interaction feature. This is a software related feature which you can share your activity with your friends to let them know how is your progress in changing your fitness for good.
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    8. The smartwatch also acts as a remote control for the phone camera. It has to be connected through bluetooth. This is the only features which needs bluetooth, but again that’s for the smartphone.
    9. Next DTNO.I G8 smartwatch pros is the batty capacity which is of 300 mAh. Many bigger brands which costs ten times the price of this are struggling at 450 mAh. So, 300 mAh for 30 bucks is like a charity. For normal user it will get a backup of more than a couple of days.
    10. And the last is that there are dozens of cool colors you can choose from. I am talking about the silicone band. They are black, black/red, white, green, red/black. black/green, silver/yellow, silver/grey.
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    Reasons Not to Buy DTNO.I G8 Smartwatch Phone (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

    1. The 32 MB internal is way too low. Where on earth I will store my files, particularly music as it supports MP3 files for listening them. OK, the price is already very low but at least it could have a micro SD card slot. Well the company should have increased the price to 35 bucks and embed a memory slot.
    2. And the most important cons is that its not a water resistant.
      My Verdict : Its still a very very good smartwatch for the price tag. However if you are looking for a better alternative at a little bit higher price then follow the link below.

    A Far Better Alternative

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